Come to Bali, get thousands of happiness

Welcome to Bali, you will consider as person who must be happy on this trip. An attentive chauffeur who knows your needs before you have to ask, these are just a few of the signs of chauffeur-based services that you will get in Bali. We work hard to present good and correct services in details. Do you need a pick-up service at Bali Airport or chauffeur driven transportation for your next purpose ? You are not mistaken to contact us now. And feel why we are one of the trusted transportation providers in Bali.

Take you on personal journey

Anyone can take you to your destination. We go further by providing an experience that is driven by personal and professional chauffeurs. Greetings and a warm smile to start your day. A clean vehicle will take you for miles the second you close the door. And a professional chauffeur who knows when you want to talk, when you need to think and what you need to arrive at your destination ready to take on that day. We call it "personal touch" and we make it a part of everyday life.

Our Services

Airport Pick-up and Transfer

Tired of grunge taxis and unreliable shuttles, we will get you to the exit gates, relaxed and ready to go with round the clock travel to and from Bali Airport

Chauffeur Service

You just have to sit comfortably and tell us what you are going to do today, the rest we take care of it neatly even though untill the night is over

Self-drive Car Rental

The first 30 minutes of adjusting how to drive a car that may be different from what you normally do, after that you are ready to travel on the island

Tours in Bali

Sightseeing arround Bali to kiss our culture, feels village hospitality, see what we do in arts, natural, jump into a whirlpool waterfall, witness to

Adventures in Bali

Pump your adrenalin with some exiting white water rafting, ATV, soft trek to Mt. Batur, breath the jungle smell elephant ride, get wet on watersport

Tours beyond Bali

Just step out from Bali Island, enjoy more relaxing to Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan, explore an adventure to Ijen Crater and Mt. Bromo

We are trusted Transportation & Car Rental Company in Bali

Anyone can take you to your destination, we go further by providing an experience that is driven by personal and professional chauffeurs.

Our Fleet

Make our fleet an extension of your company, with classy transportation services according to your requests and needs. From airport pick-up on time to complete transportation of the event, we will help you open the door with satisfying service. Our fleet, can accommodate all the needs of your company, make a good impression for clients starting from the airport or accompanying your sales team that has reached the annual target. Whatever you need, we will make it happen, with rates that are designed to suit the various transportation needs of the company.